Access to Crypto Currencies, Blockchain Solutions, and Business Empowerment

Access to 

Crypto Currencies, 

Blockchain Solutions, 

and Business Empowerment


A tight-knit team of seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience across multiple sectors.

Always at the cusp of the latest development in fintech, blockchain, and all things digital, SMP thrives in turning your concept into a profit-raking reality.




SMP Digital provides platform development for financial sector clients, including fully-branded MT4 and MT5 white label solutions for FX, and crypto trading. Our team of developers are experts in delivering state-of-the-art platforms with seamless integration.



SMP Digital provides OTC Dark Pool (ODP) services for ultra-high net-worth individuals and institutions seeking access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. 

SMP helps investors move funds from traditional fiat money into cryptocurrency via secure, private transactions and flexible distribution channels, including personal TREZOR delivery, the world’s most secure hardware wallet. By working with us, you can move large sums of money in and out of cryptocurrency securely.



Before you invest in blockchain technology, SMP Digital helps you determine the right blockchain strategy for your business. We focus on providing scalable and sector-specific blockchain applications that directly support our clients, working together to build better solutions from the ground up.


Amish Patel • Chief Executive Officer

CEO of SMP Digital, Amish Patel has a proven track record in cementing relationships in the construction, luxury goods, creative, communications, and digital marketing sectors, working with ultra-high net worth individuals, blue chip companies, banks, and more.

A keen broker with over a decade of expertise in strategic marketing, business implementation, partnership development, and web and mobile applications, Amish operates with honesty, integrity, and transparency. 

Kim St Martin • Chief Operating Officer

As COO of SMP Digital, Kim St Martin is an expert in the tech and digital sectors. He has worked in lead roles for companies like Disney, Sony, and Universal. 

Kim’s knowledge of the crypto space, new tech, trading, organisational structures, and process implementation put him in the ideal position to deliver continued success for SMP Digital clients and partners. 



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